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12th Feb 2013

Broken Hearted Kelly Brook Piles On The Pounds In The Wake Of Split

Katie Price is going to have a field day with this one...


She’s famed for her curvy figure and for not competing with other stick thin starlets to be the skinniest.

But it seems Kelly’s heartache is causing her to comfort eat and the star has gained 10lbs in the wake of her split from ex-rugby player beau Thom Evans.

The stunning brunette has reportedly gone from a size 8 to a size 12 since the split and Kelly’s curvier figure was on full display during a recent trip to Miami, where the star took time out to shoot her latest swimwear collecion for high street chain New Look.

A source told Heat magazine “It’s been a sad time for Kelly so it’s totally understandable that she’s relaxed her normally super-strict regime. 

“Thom was a fitness fanatic and he and Kelly made workouts and healthy eating a huge part of their relationship. He motivated her to work out hard and gave her loads of great tips. 

“But who wants to go to the gym for two hours when they’ve split from their boyfriend?”

Kelly showed off her curvier figure on a recent shoot in Miami

And it’s not just the un-named source who has been weighing in on the issue. 

Katie Price took to her column in The Sun to express her shock at Kelly’s fluctuating body shape, branding her a “hefer”.

The swimwear model, actress and TV personality then hit back at the thrice married mum-of-three saying “I was really disappointed when I heard what had been said. It is unladylike as far as I’m concerned for another woman to say that sort of thing publicly about another woman.”

You might have gained a few pounds but you still look pretty hot to us Kelly! 



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