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12th Sep 2023

Bride and groom react in the cutest way as Ed Sheeran crashes their wedding

How would you react if Ed Sheeran crashed your wedding in order to debut his new song?

This exact thing happened recently, when Ed and a gaggle of backing singers surprised an unsuspecting bride and groom who were about to say their vows in Las Vegas’ famous Little White Chapel. Ed shared a video on Monday morning of the intimate performance, which has since gone viral.

The bride is seen mouthing ‘oh my god’ as Ed performs, while the groom looks close to tears, with a bit of a glisten in both of his eyes as Ed performs his latest single.

Ed’s Instagram caption read, simply: “Crashed a wedding, this is Magical x”.


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Mere hours beforehand, Ed had to cancel his planned Las Vegas show, even though fans had already gathered at the venue to queue.

He wrote: “I can’t believe I’m typing this but there’s been some challenges encountered during the load in of our vegas show. It’s impossible to go forward with the show. I’m so sorry.

“I know everyone has travelled in for this and I wish I could change it. The gig will be postponed to Saturday October 28th and all purchased tickets will be valid for that date. I’m so, so sorry x”

Ed later revealed two tall towers in the venue became unstable which would’ve meant a serious health and safety issue for concert attendees.

He said on Instagram: “A little bit more context on the cancellation yesterday. It was a safety issue, and we really tried to do the best we could to make the show happen but I’m not gonna risk the safety of my fans for anything.

“I really am gutted, this was very much out of my control but I do take full responsibility for everyone that was put out from the cancellation. Of course refunds are available at point of purchase, and there is a rescheduled show October the 28th if people still want to come, I promise it will be special.

“Nothing will take away from the effort people went to to get to vegas though and I’m sorry it wasn’t communicated sooner to the people waiting outside. We really thought the show was going to happen up until the very last moment but it just couldn’t for safety reasons. Sorry again to everyone affected, and hopefully see you in October x”.

The fans that commented were no doubt gutted, by many rushed to show their support to the star, who seemed genuinely upset to have to cancel at such short notice.