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29th Aug 2012

Brian McFadden in a Rage Over Online Imposter

Poor Brian McFadden was left fuming last night after an online imposter started winding him up on social networking website Twitter.

Now, we all know that there’s a lot of people out there who have fun winding up celebrities, especially on Twitter, but it seems like one fake Tweeter got more than they could handle when Brian McFadden actually responded to their tweets about him.

Apparently the fake Tweeter began making jokes last night stating that Brian had been caught enjoying a romp with a stripper during his first Irish stag bash, back in the day before he married ex-Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona.

The bogus account, @BrianMcFaddenn, mocked Brian and Vogues recent hen/stag do in Dublin and one Tweet made reference to an incident that allegedly occurred before Brian married Kerry Katona.

One nasty tweet read: “No…I am NOT having a Stag Nite this time! Don’t want any little accidents like LAST time when my p**s ended up in a stripper’s mouth!”

But the imposter didn’t leave it there. Oh no. They decided to get a few more digs in as well…

Brian and Vogue, or Brogue as they’ve been nicknamed, are currently in Dublin where they have been busy partying with friends and family ahead of their wedding in Florence, Italy this Sunday.

On Thursday night they were spotted at Wilde before their ‘Sten’ do (that’s stag/hen do) at the Wright Venue in Swords on Friday.

While Brian was trying to ignore the mean tweets, eventually he was forced to address his imposter on Twitter, when the fake account began slagging off his friend, Shane Warne, the cricketer.

Responding to a congratulatory message sent from Shane to the real Brian McFadden, the fake Twitter account tweeted:

Brian himself immediately stepped in and said: “Thanks for the message pal. Please ignore the @BrianMcFaddenn that is not me. It’s some loser p***k.”

Whatever about Brian McFadden, we can’t help but feel for poor Shane Warne who actually thought that the fake account was the real Brian…


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