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01st Aug 2012

Breaking News: Taoiseach Enda Kenny Invites Will And Kate To Ireland

Get the good china out ladies, Will and Kate may be visiting Ireland sooner than we thought!

Get the good china out! Commemorative tea-towels at the ready! Our humble Irish isle may be playing host to none other than the royal couple, Will and Kate, soon.

The world’s obsession with the attractive young couple has finally rubbed off Mayo man Enda Kenny and the Taoiseach has invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit Ireland.

Kate has been travelling since a short break at the beginning of her marriage.

Following in the footsteps of our latest world-fmaous visitors, US President Barack Obama and British Queen Elizabeth, the young heirs to the throne could be set to visit Irish tourism sites Farmleigh House, Cashel and Cork’s English Market.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny issued the informal invite when he met William and Kate at a pre-Olympic event in London last week.

Will is known for spending time with the crowds on royal visits.

We can only imagine the pair have heard plenty about our country’s hospitality at the Winchester dinner table from the Queen, the royal head smiled throughout her trip to Ireland and said afterwards it had been one of her favourite and most poignant trips abroad.

Mr Kenny has told the Irish Independent he is “very enthusiastic” about the idea of the visit.

However, any formal invites would have to go through Buckingham Palace.