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18th Oct 2012

Bond Girls Get A Royal Shake Up: Kate Middleton Is Voted Number One Fantasy Side-Kick

We’re guessing those topless holiday snaps have something to do it... Kate Middleton has been voted Dream Bond Girl by gadget website

K-Middy is famed for her beauty, grace and girl-next-door charm and can now add action hero eye-candy to her resumé.

In a poll conducted by the British royal piped pin up’s including Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles to the post and was crowned the public’s ideal fantasy sidekick.

Kate’s no stranger to speed boats and bikini’s

The top ten features a largely predictable list of beauties ranging from Rihanna to Kelly Brook but the most surprising entry of all is singer Jessie J at number 7.

A keen sportswoman, the duchess would have no problem keeping up with 007 and if all else fails we’re sure her Granny-In-Law and Bond’s Olympic sidekick The Queen could put in a good word with the man himself.