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30th Jul 2012

Big Softie: Colin Farrell Credits His Children With Saving His Life…

Colin Farrell as always given us the impression that he's a tough auld nut, but really? Well, really he's just a big softie and a doting dad...

Reformed bad boy Colin Farrell has a soft side, and he isn’t afraid to show it. Are you ready for an adorable story? Read on…

The Irish Daily Star reports that Colin has said becoming a dad saved his life. Aw. Colin, who used to be a bit wild back in the day, credits his two sons, James and Henry, with helping him to clean up his life.

Colin said that he now lives a healthy lifestyle because the birth of his children granted him some much-needed cop-on.

“Sometimes, as human beings, we can’t see ourselves unless we see things from the perspective of another person,” said Colin.

“What my first son James did was allow me to care for something in this world when I couldn’t care for myself. James saved my life,” he added.

Colin: doting dad and reformed bad boy.

And they say that mothers are usually the emotional ones? We have to say we’re touched by Colin’s honesty. Kids are amazing little things aren’t they? Well aside from when they’re screaming the house down and running around the place without a nappy…

Colin has recently admitted that his former booze-fuelled lifestyle has left him with some incredibly dodgy memory gaps, so it’s a relief to see that he’s happy and healthy these days.

At present Colin is living in the USA in order to be close to his two sons, and his new film, a remake of Total Recall will hit our cinema screens next month.