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10th Jun 2013

Bezzie Mates – Beyoncé Sends Kim Kardashian A Crystal-Studded High Chair

We would like to be friends with Beyoncé, please.

Sue Murphy

There have always been rumours that Queen Bey and Kim K were not exactly on the best of terms, but perhaps that is now all in the past.

According to reports, Bey had to turn down the invitation to attend Kim’s baby shower as she was out touring the world.

So instead she sent on a crystal-studded high chair worth a reported £9000 for Kimye’s baby daughter.

“Beyoncé and Jay-Z [gave Kim] a £9,000 (approximately $11,800) Swarovski crystal-studded high chair, designed by Carla Monchen,” a source told the Sunday Mirror. “They had a similar one for their daughter Blue Ivy.”

The last we heard, Kimye had asked their friends not to donate gifts. We wonder if this was donated to charity…


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