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03rd Aug 2012

Beats and Babies: Is Tom Hardy the Best Dad Ever? Check Out This Hilarious Video…

Tom Hardy is a man of many talents - apparently rapping to amuse his child is one of them...

Tom Hardy may play the part of an insane evil villain in new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises but behind the mask (hah! See what we did there?) he’s actually a doting dad who loves eh…rap music?

Yes ladies, if Tom Hardy was your baby daddy, this is how he would entertain your kids – by hopping around with them and doing an uncanny impression of a rapper.

Can we just say that we’re ridiculously impressed by his skills – hey, at least he knows that if the whole acting thing doesn’t work out he could totally get work as a badass rapper…or a full-time male nanny (it is an interesting method of childcare, isn’t it?).

We also just love the expression on his son’s face. According to reports, this camera-phone footage was taken back when Tom’s son Louis was only a few months old and it has been going unnoticed on the internet for at least a year (probably because it takes a few minutes for you to actually realise that yes, yes it is Tom Hardy who is busting a rhyme).

So ladies, what do you think? Would you let Tom Hardy babysit your kid?