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25th Sep 2012

Baywatch Legend David Hasselhoff Hates… Water?!

After hearing this, we're not quite sure what to believe anymore. First stop, David Hasselhoff hates water, next thing we'll be hearing that Tom Cruise hates doing stunts!

Rebecca McKnight

Forget Rihanna’s drunken night in Vegas and Robbie Williams bringing his family on tour, this is some seriously shocking celebrity news. Brace yourself… David Hasselhoff hates water! Like wtf?!

While we’re well aware that actors are actors and that pretending to be someone else is a part of their job, we sort of feel like everything we thought we knew has crumbled down around us.

We grew up thinking that the Hoff was at one with the sea, a hunky human merman if you will. After all he did play lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch for years!

David Hasselhoff became famous for his role as a lifeguard on Baywatch.

But alas no, the actor has confessed that he hates swimming and water! (We apologise for the numerous exclamation marks but we really think it’s necessary in this case.)

“I hate swimming. I have a slight fear of water – it stems from too many takes in the freezing, choppy ocean during my Baywatch days,” he told the Daily Mirror.

That’s all well and good but who are we supposed to call now in case of a beach emergency? Well it seems we should call David and somebody else as the ladies’ man also added that he does enjoy the next part of the rescue.

The 60 year old explained: “But if I see (somebody) drowning, I’ll be straight in – well, I’ll send someone else in – and then I’ll do the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. That’s more my thing!”


The Hoff has some mouth-to-mouth time with girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

So he can’t step a foot into the water but he can give you a bit of lip action afterwards. We suppose it keeps the dream half alive… sort of!


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