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07th Nov 2023

Barry Keoghan reveals he prays to his late mother every day

Barry Keoghan has opened up about the loss of his mum

Keoghan has often spoken publicly about his emotional childhood. The ‘Saltburn’ actor lost his mum to drugs when he was only 12-years-old.

Recently speaking out about his “beautiful” mother, he revealed that he still thinks about her every day.

The Oscar-nominee told The Sunday Times that he wants to keep her memory alive.

He explained that her passing wasn’t “a shock” but remembered his mam as “so beautiful”.

The actor wears a silver bracelet with his mother’s name engraved on it every day.

He also revealed that he prays to her in a bid to keep her memory alive.

He told the publication: “I pray to her every day.”

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He may have had a tough childhood, but Keoghan looks back on his relationship with his mother and focuses on the happy memories.

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ star told Esquire:

“We’d be by her bedside. She was always chirpy and always making sure we were good,” he shared.

He said his mother Debbie “always had a smile on her face”.

Keoghan’s mother struggled with drug addiction for most of her life. She sadly passed away when Barry Keoghan was only 12.

Keoghan and his brother Eric spent time in 13 foster homes before they were taken in by their grandmother and aunt.

The star said what happened during his childhood “wasn’t the right thing” but stressed that he’s “proud of it”.

“I’m not going to say what happened was the right thing, but it’s certainly given me a lot of ammunition.”