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18th Jul 2012

Andrew Garfield Admits Attraction to Ryan Gosling

The star of The Amazing Spider-Man has admitted that he has a bit of a thing for the Gangster Squad actor. Then again, who can blame him?

Rebecca McKnight

Andrew Garfield has declared his, ahem, attraction to none other than his girlfriend’s Gangster Squad co-star Ryan Gosling.

The Amazing Spider-Man star confessed that he has a bit of the thing for the Drive actor in a recent interview with Teen Vogue.

‘I think I’m more attracted to Ryan Gosling than any woman could ever be. I think about him so often.’

Ryan Gosling

We can see exactly why Andrew Garfield has a thing for Ryan Gosling.

During the interview he also talked about a screen test he had with The Notebook lead. ‘I have a proper man crush. Years ago, we did a screen test together, and he was just so inspiring… I was like, that’s what I want to follow.’

If Garfield’s early career, which saw him in hit films including The Social Network and Never Let Me Go, is anything to go by we reckon he’ll be just as big the newly revealed object of his affection.