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15th Aug 2012

Amy Huberman Discusses Her Career, Babies and Why She and Brian May Move Stateside

The actress dished the dirt on her exciting life.

Amy Huberman said she was disappointed after she failed to land a lead role in the USA earlier this year.

The actress was cast in an NBC comedy but unfortunately she was replaced at the last minute.

Speaking to Irish Tatler Amy revealed her disappointment after losing out on the role.

“The way it happened was pretty harsh, because they released a statement saying it was happening, for reasons that may come out down the line.

“Pilot season is pretty harsh, because they may have had their eye on someone else who hadn’t been free who suddenly is because their pilot wasn’t picked up.

“So you have to take it with a massive pinch of salt.


Amy and Brian married in 2010 and the pair may move to America when he retires

“Apparently Lisa Kudrow once played the English doctor in Fraser and was recast, only to appear in Friends a couple of years later.

“I’m not saying the same thing will happen. But they may have something else that they might want me to do,” she said.

The Irish actress and her husband Brian are considering a move to the USA when he retires from rugby, in order to pursue Amy’s career.

 “To be honest it was pretty amazing what happened – I had severe worries about the show actually being picked up because of timing.

Amy is considering starting a family with Brian but is afraid it will have an effect on her career

“Brian is here, he can’t move over to the States at the moment, it was going to be massively stressful and put a huge amount of pressure on us if we went.

“Myself and my agents decided to do the pilot on the thought that it wasn’t going to get picked up because so few of them do.

“It was the craziest week of my entire existence. I had nine days and we went over on the proviso that we were just going to have a look. And then after nine days, I was coming home with a lead in an NBC comedy. Which is bonkers.

“I was ringing Brian with an eight-hour time difference and him going ‘Are we living on the west coast of America now?

“It all happened so fast that I just took it all with a pinch of salt. It was like, this has landed from nowhere, so I have nothing to lose.

Amy’s latest book, I Wished for You will hit the shelves in November

“So I did my thing, left and they were like ‘You gaaat it, you gaaaat it’,” she said.

Amy, 33, said that she is not sure if it is the right time for her to have children with Brian.

“I stress about it [about having a family] sometimes but I think every other actress I know has had kids and you just deal with it.

“I’d rather have kids and it be tricky and life be mental than not have them and have this massively career focused life where you miss the boat – I don’t want to do that.

“There’s probably a period of six months where you physically can not work because you look like a balloon or you’ve just had your kid and you want some downtime.

“But you could spend six months not working anyway. So many of my actress friends have children, you just get on with it,” she said.

Amy’s latest novel, I Wished for You, is due for release in September.