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25th Jul 2022

Adam Collard’s friend basically confirms he’s playing a game to get to the Love Island final

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s all unfolding now.

With Love Island officially entering its final week, fans of the reality show have become a little bit suspicious about certain islanders’ intentions.

As former contestant Adam Collard returned to the show, fans initially thought he was entering to either cause absolute chaos or redeem himself from his 2018 appearance.

Coupling up with Paige Throne, fans now think he might be using her to get to the final after a suspicious message appeared on social media.

The two got to know each other from the moment Adam entered the villa, and only got closer when Paige’s partner Jacques O’Neill decided to leave the show only a day after Adam joined.

And with two new bombshells entering to shake things up and get Paige worried, Adam reassured her that he was only interested in getting to know her and asked her to be somewhat exclusive.

He said on Thursday: “I hate the word exclusive, but like I want to use it as well, ‘cause that’s the way I feel right now”, he told her.

Paige followed up by asking him: “Really?! Like serious now?”

But Adam reassured her, saying: “I’m being deadly serious.”

Following on from his chat with Paige, the people in control of Adam’s social media shared the big moment with his followers, saying: “That’s it he’s off the shelf, he’s taken! I hope @paigethornex likes bulldogs and burpees as this is going to get.”

And of course, there’s always that one person in the comments that is more cynical than the rest of us, commenting that Adam was using Paige to get to the final.

They wrote: “What a player, ticket to the final secured.”

But it was Adam’s account that had people scratching their heads, as they replied: “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Fans of the show immediately took to Twitter to give their take on the interaction, with many less than impressed by his friend’s confession.

One person wrote: “Adam’s insta handler not even denying he’s using Paige to get to the final WOW! How can anyone support him?”

Replying to the tweet, another viewer wrote: “We all know why adam in there, let’s make sure this tweet is part of a challenge so Paige see what Adam is like on the outside or the fact that he will do anything to promote himself and be in the public eye.”

Another added: “This tells me everything I need to know..”

While someone defended Adam, saying: “You’re reading way too into this. The handlers don’t know anything and I’m pretty sure they’re being sarcastic making fun of y’all.”

Only time will tell.