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06th Jul 2012

Adam Clayton’s Former Personal Assistant Gets Seven Years in Prison

Carol Hawkins was given a seven year prison sentence today for embezzling over two million euro of the U2 star's money over a four year period.

Rebecca McKnight

Adam Clayton’s former personal assistant has been given a seven year prison sentence for the embezzlement of over two million euro.

Judge Patrick McCartan delivered the sentence before explaining the reasoning behind it according to the Irish Independent today.

The Judge said ‘These were crimes rooted in greed and nothing else.’ He also commented on the breach of trust that was committed by Carol Hawkins and the fact that she claimed her innocence throughout the case and even after the conviction.

Hawkins had been working for the U2 star for years, earning his trust, before it came out in 2008 that she had been taking money from his bank accounts for flights, cars and other items during a four year period.

The report also said that Hawkins intends to try to pay the money back to Adam Clayton who was not present in court for today’s verdict.