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09th Apr 2015

A Student Wrote This Incredible Viral Open Letter To Katie Hopkins

This is definitely worth a read.


It’s fair to say Katie Hopkins is the marmite of public figures.

While some champion her hard-hitting comments, many more feel victimised, abused and bullied by her views.

For student and journalist in training Josh Barlow, it was Hopkins’ careless tweets about depression during a running commentary about the Germanwings crash that tipped him into action.


Taking to his blog, Josh wrote an open letter to Katie dismissing her careless attitude to mental health.

The letter, published less than a week ago, has already received more than half a million hits.

This is definitely worth a read:

“Dear Katie,

Earlier today it came to my attention that you had tweeted your opinions about depression – the biggest mental health issue that faces this country, bar your ignorance.

Many believe that the opinions you spout are nothing more than a cry for attention much like when a dog defecates for the attention of its owner, which ironically is a form of separation anxiety.

When I read your tweets I was not surprised that you had decided to sh*t on the floor in the hopes of a reaction – Something you have done many times and will probably continue to do until you fade away into obscurity. Unfortunately this is not the Big Brother house so you cannot be voted out and we cannot turn you down as you did to Lord Alan Sugar – because, like a bad smell you return to fill the nose of society with your stench.

I have seen your opinions in the past and I have kept my thoughts to myself, however, this is something I can do no longer.

You may find yourself asking why you should care about what I am saying or you may sit back and admire the great steaming dump you have left – however, mental health conditions affect 1 in 4 people including myself and on behalf of those with mental health issues I would like to say, we are sick of dealing with your sh*t.

katie hopkins tweet

Depression is a lonely, destructive disease and stigma is generated by bigots like you. This can lead to many things from self-loathing to suicide –   with this in mind, it is amusing that you suggest that depression is the “ultimate passport to self obsession” because if your tweets are anything to go by, Katie, you are ill and need to seek urgent medical attention.

There are so many causes you could use your position of power for. It pains me to state that you are in a position of power, however, you are. You are a writer for the biggest selling paper in this country so your opinions reach the length and breadth of the UK, which in turn means that the things you say have the potential to influence a significant number of people.

It is worth mentioning that I did not call you a journalist. This is because in my eyes, you are not. As a journalism student, I have been taught that journalists act as a voice for the people, for those who need their voice to be heard and this cannot be achieved with your incessant screaming.

At this point I think it is safe to say that you have obviously never suffered from depression. If you had, you would not say such things about the condition.

You say that depression is due to social situation – to this I say that you are wrong, depression and other mental health issues can come about due to a variety of factors. Stick to what you know.

“Like being caught in torrential rain with a bag from Primark” is an excellent way to describe living with the condition. Had this come from someone else I would applaud them for such a description as many of us have experienced such an unpleasant event.

However, I doubt you have ever been in the store. Not because you can do better, but because we can.

‘We’ the community; the Primark shoppers, the 1 in 4 who will experience some form of mental health issues in their lives and everyone else who is bored of your bile – we do not want your sh*t in our doorway because, quite frankly, it stinks.


Joshua Barlow. (1 in 4)

Letter via jbarlow