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25th Oct 2012

A Storm Approaches: Ronan Keating’s New Lady “Can’t Wait” to See Ireland With Her Man

Storm Uechtritz, Ronan Keating's girlfriend, has revealed that she "can't wait" to visit Ireland again next year with her man.


Batten down the hatches, because a ‘storm’ is on its way to Ireland. Yes, Ronan Keating’s new lady, Storm Uechtritz, has revealed that she can’t wait to come to Ireland next year for The Gathering.

Storm, who is currently in Australia with the man himself, responded to a video of Ronan announcing that he’s going to be an ambassador for The Gathering 2013 which was posted online yesterday.

“Can’t wait! So excited,” Storm gushed on Twitter, before telling her followers that she had already been to Ireland but was looking forward to getting back.

“Yes, I’ve been 2 Ireland & I think it’s gorgeous and such lovely people! Good, kind & hardworking (like where I grew up in Oz),” she tweeted.

Ronan Keating’s new girlfriend Storm.

Storm is already planning to move from Australia to the UK later this year in order to be closer to Ronan and, according to reports, she has already secured herself a job as a TV producer on the UK version of The Voice.

Storm is reportedly moving in with Ronan in London as soon as he finishes filming for the Australian X Factor next month.

And it’s not just Storm who appears to be smitten with the new relationship. Last month Ronan confirmed that it was “serious.”

“Storm and I have been friends for some time and that has recently evolved into something more serious. We are both really happy,” said Ronan.

Ah, young love! We have to admit, Ronan and Storm make a pretty cute couple.


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