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03rd Dec 2016

A live-action Barbie movie is on the way and they’ve already cast the leading role

She's facing a huge amount of backlash for it.

We can’t wait for this.

This weekend, it was announced that a live-action Barbie movie is on it’s way.

However, the premise won’t be the typical dream-land bubble gum pink story we may have been expecting.

Instead the film will focus on Barbie getting kicked out of ‘Barbieland’ for not being perfect enough and not fitting the mould.

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer is reportedly set to play the famous Barbie role, which we are very excited about.

amy schumer

The movie is still in its very early stages but the PG movie is set to come out in the summer of 2018 according to Deadline.

However, since this casting news was announced there has been an influx of trolls abusing Amy about being cast in the role.

While there is sadly plenty of nasty fat-shaming abuse, many others have stated their support in casting Amy as the iconic doll.