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19th Feb 2019

The 4 items Kate Middleton always carries in her purse are pretty basic

Olivia Hayes

kate middleton

We thought there might be more than this.

A woman and her bag. Some women are able to leave the house with just their phone and keys. Others, however need their whole bedroom.

Between a purse, hairbrush, make up, notebooks, earphones, deodorant, maybe a cardi in case it’s cold, sunglasses in case the sun is out and a pair of runners for walking to the bus stop… yeah, some women carry a LOT in their bags.

But not Kate Middleton.

It’s understandable that the Duchess of Cambridge can’t be swanning around with a hefty bag on her back, and she has many royal aides to keep her as fresh as a daisy whenever she’s out and about.

However, according to a biography of Kate by Marcia Moody, Kate always carries four items in her purse… and they’re quite basic.

The author says that she has a “compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief and lip balm” in her bag at any given time.

Not even a bottle of Chanel No.5…