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01st Aug 2012

1D Boys In A Spot Of Hormonal Bother

The One Direction boys are force-fed smoothies to get them out of a spotty hormonal problem.


The boys may have busted Stateside with their boppy tunes but they still suffer from everyday hormonal teenage problems…like spots.

The boys are being forced to drink healthy smoothies in a bid to kick the acne problems.

The Mullingar teenager Niall Horan, 18, and his bandmate friends have had major skin issues in recent months as a result of the heavy makeup the boys wear on stage.

Harry Styles, 18, isn’t pleased with the band’s new health regime. It’s understandable he may be embarrassed about the pimply problem, especially with older ladies to impress.

A band insider told the Irish Sun this morning that Harry is especially prone to the effects the heavy makeup has on their skin.

“The way the management are coping with this is to give the boys three big vegetable drinks a day which are full of vitamins. The lads are already sick of their health-drinks but they know they have to have them.”

Harry Styles is victim to a few spots.

Another problem for the boys may be their obsession for greasy foods and takeaways.

“When they’re rehearsing for hours on end the boys almost always have takeaway pizza, and Niall and Harry are both suckers for Chinese takeaways. The boys have agreed to have their smoothies to help with the spots, but they won’t be giving up on the fast food.”

It sounds like they’re trying to feed a bunch of kids…oh, yes. Come on guys, spots are part of every young boy’s life…