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29th Jun 2012

10 Men Who Are Not Stereotypically Handsome

Sometimes the objects of our affection are well warranted (how are ya fixed Rob Kearney?!) but sometimes, they're just plain weird...

The rules of attraction are strange, mysterious things. Sometimes the objects of our affection are well warranted (Rob Kearney – hello!) and sometimes? Eh…well…sometimes they’re just plain weird…

In our defence though, the entire process of attraction is very different for women. While men are visual creatures and are attracted by what they see, for us it’s an entirely different ballgame.

Most women tend to be swayed by attributes like a great personality or an insane sense of humour. The old saying is true – if he can make you laugh, he’s a keeper. We would also argue that if he can make a decent cup of tea and kill a particularly threatening spider, then you need to lock that shizz down stat!

Because of the emphasis that women place on these attributes, we can sometimes find ourselves having inappropriate thoughts about men who aren’t exactly the hottest in the world or anything.

Yes, these men may not be stereotypically handsome in the chiselled jaw sense, but there’s just something about them that makes us drool (attractive, right?)…

10. Jack Black: He’s short and he’s hairy, but by God can he make us laugh. We only need to hear the opening strains of Tribute by Jack’s band Tenacious D and we’re already laughing so hard it hurts. And you have to admit – the cheeky bit of stubble? It’s rugged. Oh yes.

So he can make us laugh, he can sing, he can act and best of all? He looks like he gives some amazing hugs. What’s not to love?

9. Simon Cowell: Simon Cowell is a controversial figure to include in this, ahem, highly-academic list. While most women are sucked in, we think it is more to do with his annoyingly-hot attitude problem than with his blindingly white teeth, not-so-natural tan and his face in general.

8. Gordon Ramsay: While Gordon Ramsay may have a face that’s been weathered by the harsh environment that is the kitchen, there’s still something about him that makes us series link every single episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

The man not only has some serious swag going on, he could also make you some amazing food. Ramsay – turning reality TV chefs into studs since 1998…  

7. Louis Theroux: Documentaries and spectacles were never sexy, that is until Louis Theroux sprung onto our television screens and made us enjoy learning about American subcultures on Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends. The hair, the glasses, the steely expression – it’s all too much. Dear Louis Theroux, we love you!

6. Alan Rickman: Okay, so this may be a disturbing choice, but you have to admit it: nobody can rock a black cloak like Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter films. And there’s just something about his voice, isn’t there? Oh, it also helps that he’s a fantastic actor too. Swoon!

5. Brian Cox: Brian Cox – does the name ring any bells? What if we told you that he was the sexy scientist who co-presented the BBC programme Stargazing Live with Dara O’Briain? Or what if we told you that he was also the keyboard player for that cringe-worthy nineties band D:Ream(their hit single was the upbeat Things Can Only Get Better)?

So he’s a musician that’s also ridiculously intelligent? Ladies, form an orderly queue…

4. Zach Braff: We’re not sure what it is about Zach Braff. Maybe it’s the height, or the dark, messy locks of hair. Maybe it’s the fact that his smile is absolutely contagious. Or maybe it’s those big blue eyes and his killer sense of humour (just check out his Twitter account @zachbraff).

Either way, we love him. Ever since he picked up the role of Dr. John Dorian on Scrubs we’ve been just a little bit obsessed with him.

3. Hugh Laurie: Yes, he’s old enough to be our father and yes, he looks a bit haggard and he’s starting to go bald on top but Hugh Laurie, how we adore you.

Not only is Hugh hot in a really weird kind of way (those eyes!), he’s also an incredibly talented musician, an acclaimed novelist, a producer, a director and pretty much a genius. Oh, and did we mention that his BFF is the ever-awesome Stephen Fry?

Don’t even get us started about what his snarky alter-ego Dr Gregory House does to us…

2. Justin Long: Justin Long is amazing, simply because he sort of resembles a massive puppy dog. In fact, you just want to squeeze him and take care of him. He’s too cute for words. And he always plays the most endearing characters – remember him in Dodgeball? Girls, just look at that smile. D’aww…

1. Ray D’Arcy: We couldn’t finish this list without giving a nod to the ever-charming Ray D’Arcy. Not only is he ridiculously attractive (that smile!), he’s also hilarious, fit and, given his previous remarks about the Catholic Church, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Keep doing what you’re doing Ray, we love your work. Oh yes!

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments section below. We’re dying to hear who would be on your list!