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06th Nov 2015

This Magnetic Notebook Is Hypnotic

Gimme gimme gimme

Cassie Delaney

We may be biased but we all have a penchant for notebooks and fine stationary.

I have a slight obsession with Panda notebooks, taking to the Internet periodically to restock on the same one. And, as loyal as I am to the dapper panda, this notebook has shot straight to the top of my stationary wishlist.

The Rekonect Notebook is the first of its kind. The journal has magnetic spine allowing for the easy removable pages. No more time spent prit-sticking things into scrapbooks, you can simply remove a sheet, print on to it and stick it back in. Gimme.


The notebook is sadly not yet in production. It has been uploaded to Kickstarter by Rekonnect to raise money to cover production costs. For a pledge of $34 or more, donors can receive one notebook and an extra 60 sheets of paper (in either blank, dotted, lined or graph-style).

The company have raised over $60,000 towards their $75,000 goal and still have a month to go.

Hopefully they’ll be ready in time for Santa. Hint.