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28th Sep 2015

This Is How Much #Facebookdown Cost Mark Zuckerberg

This is pure insanity.


Facebook crashed for a second time this week, and while we all went into a frustrated meltdown, we’re not the only ones despairing at the lack of social updates.

#Facebookdown started trending on Twitter, because let’s face it, when one social network is down we all flock to another, but what really got people talking is the dip in profits when our favourite stalking haunt hits the deck.

According to, Facebook’s online nosedive has massive affects on the company’s advertising profits.

While the site was down for 20 minutes this evening, it’s believed the technical glitch cost Zuckerberg roughly $566,666.66.

Facebook’s advertising value is roughly $1.7million profit per hour, and now that the site has taken a second dip in a month, the company are looking at being a million dollars short this month already.

According to the financial website, Facebook’s share value has suddenly taken a hit too… which is one more woe they can add to the list.

Somehow, we doubt they’ll be letting the social networking giant to experience any more technical difficulties for the next few weeks…

Our 20 mins of frustration don’t seem so bad now, do they?