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08th Jul 2014

Woman Undergoes Surgery To Chop A Centimetre Off Her Toes So They Look Better In Heels

"I had major foot envy."

We’ve heard the term ‘fashion victim’ but this is taking things to a whole new level.

A woman in the UK has undergone surgery to remove a centimetre of her toes on both feet so that they look better in high heels.

According to the Sunday World, Paulina Charlikowska was so embarrassed by her size eight feet that she decided to take drastic action and pay €5,670 for ‘Cinderella surgery’, which involves shaving down the joints in the toes and fusing them back together with wires.

“I would never wear open-toe shoes and if I went to a friend’s, I would bring socks to change into. I was looking at lots of feet and comparing them to mine and I just thought ‘my feet are so ugly. I had major foot envy.”

“I wasn’t nervous because I wanted it so much. I was more excited than anything. It wasn’t painful at all but they don’t put you to sleep so I could hear the saw and the noises were terrible. They told me to bring some music with me but you can still hear it. It was like something from a horror movie. I could hear cracks and the saw cutting through my bones. That was the bit where I was most nervous because I imagined lots of blood everywhere.”

The procedure reduced Paulina’s feet by one and a half sizes and she told the newspaper that she is delighted with the results.

“I love my feet now. I just look at them all the time.”

Photos via Sunday World