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08th Jan 2014

Winter Woes – Vaseline Skin Survey Reveals Irish Women’s Routines

We're all lusting after one Hollywood star's skin...

For a bargain beauty buy you really can’t beat Vaseline. The brand has now released their Dryness Survey, part of the ongoing Skinomics Vaseline research.

The survey was carried out to unearth how Irish people feel about, and take care of, their skin, and it came up with a few interesting findings.

Moisturiser Satisfaction

While the search for the perfect products may be a long one, the end result is one women grow to trust and rarely question. It is then no surprise that 65% of women reported they are ‘satisfied with their current moisturiser.’

Seasonal Dryness

Winter is notoriously harsh in Ireland and in recent years, temperatures have dropped significantly, bringing sleet, rain and snow. The Irish woman’s skin can only handle so much. 87% of women admitted they ‘moisturise most in winter’, with 0% in spring, 8% in summer and 5% in autumn.

Seasonal Priorities

Many women’s staple beauty asset is their tan and spend thousands each year to maintain an all year round glow. However, when it came to priorities, tanning was at the bottom of this ladder during these cold, winter months. 47% of women reported that ‘feeling well moisturised’ was most important in winter while 36% prioritised ‘avoiding itchy skin’. ‘Having a tan’ came in last with just 17% of votes.

Moisturising Routine

The ritual of a lengthily relaxing shower followed by moisturising your skin for optimum care is an ideal many women aspire to. However, with the hustle and bustle of daily life, this is rarely an option. When asked what they do after showering, ‘32% always moisturise in winter’ while 42% said they ‘always moisturise in summer. This is surprising considering 87% of women find their skin to be drier in winter.

Celebrity Skin

Hollywood actress, Saoirse Ronan came head to head for the title of ‘Most Coveted Celebrity Skin’ with celebrity author Amy Huberman. The ‘Atonement’ star came in at first place with 28% of the vote, while Amy Huberman seized 26%.


The survey coincides with the introduction of Vaseline’s ‘Intensive Rescue’ range that instantly boosts moisture levels and delivers therapeutic hydration for 24 hours of healthy moisturized skin with a non-greasy feel.