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01st Dec 2013

Winter Blues: Beauty Tips For The Cold Spell

Keep this advice in mind for the winter months

Heavy rainfall and bitter cold spells can play havoc with our beauty routines so we have devised a few tips to keep you looking at your best this season.

The winter months can spell disaster for your beauty routine, as the cold weather takes a toll on our bodies. Our skin and hair can often show signs of irritation which is why taking precautions to avoid damage is the best policy.

Here are a few ideas designed to make your winter beauty routine as easy as possible:

Adapt your haircare routine for the winter months.

Hair has a tendency to become dry and brittle during winter. By changing your routine and using products aimed at weakened hair, you can minimise the harsh effects winter has on your hair. Using a shampoo and conditioner with moisturising benefits will help protect your tresses from environmental damage and a deep conditioning mask once a week is also a good idea.

A balanced diet is essential for hair health.

Vitamin D is important for hair health while B-complex vitamins help to restore thickness and shine to strands. Iron carries oxygen to hair and promotes hair growth, foods high in iron include egg yolks, wholegrains, spinach, red meat and chicken. Zinc also helps hair growth so make sure your diet includes foods rich in zinc, such as turkey, pumpkin and sesame seeds, oats and asparagus. Special K Multi-Grain Porridge is high in both B-complex vitamins and Vitamin D making it the ideal breakfast, when on the quest for healthy hair.


Foods rich in iron contribute to hair growth

Cut down on central heating where possible.

Winter weather combined with constant central heating can have a drying effect on our hair. As Irish weather can get bitterly cold, central heating is a must. However, it is important to be conscious of how long it is left on, as overuse can cause hair to become noticeably lacklustre and dull. Counteract the drying effects of heat with a  leave-in moisture rich treatment, restoring your locks to their full health in next to no time.

Each hair type is different so treat it accordingly.

Curly hair tends to be a lot dryer than straight hair and with less moisture levels, it often requires more care. A useful tip is leaving a little conditioner on the ends when you blow dry which will continue to work after your hair is dry. Opt for an intensive leave-in conditioner that will put the moisture back into your hair as you’re going about your daily business.