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22nd Nov 2013

Winter Blues: Beauty Tips For The Cold Spell

Heavy rainfall and bitter cold spells can play havoc with our beauty routines so we have devised a few tips to keep you looking at your best this season.

Preparation is key, and although this can be applied to many areas of life, during winter it is especially important.

If you these take steps to make sure you are organised, then your winter beauty routine will go to plan.

Make Sunday preparation day – If things are planned at the beginning of the week you will have more time during the week and consequently feel less stressed. Even something simple like preparing homemade soup has many benefits. Lunch is then made for the beginning of the week and should last you for two days. Soup ensures you have a wholesome and nutritious meal in the middle of the day. Taking small steps like this help you to both look and feel great.

Do your shopping at the beginning of the week- If you are organised and do your grocery shopping at the beginning of the week, it’s much easier plan your daily meals. You can make a hot meal the night before and bring it to work for lunch. Stocks of healthy snacks are replenished so you avoid running to the corner shop on your lunch break and grabbing something quick and easy, which often ends up to be a calorific snack such as a sausage roll or convenient deli meal.

Pamper preparation – Beauty routines don’t always have to include expensive trips to the salon. Whipping up a homemade face mask is actually very easy, two bananas can be mashed up and applied to the face delivering super soft and moisturised skin. Doing a manicure or pedicure yourself can save you a lot of money and provide a relaxing home spa experience.


Keeping hydrated is essential- although it’s a very simple concept we somehow mange to neglect it and hydration is essential for glowing and healthy skin. Keeping a bottle of water beside your desk is important so you can take sips throughout the day which will ensure you reach the recommended two litres a day. If you find water boring, then fruit or vegetables juices are very beneficial. Choose juices that are not made from concentrate or even better, make your own.

Following these tips should have the desired effect on your health which will in turn make you look fantastic. A beauty boost and best of all, it’s all natural.