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14th Mar 2018

‘Baby’ botox: the latest celebrity-inspired injectables trend

Could this take off in Ireland?

Anna O'Rourke

Meghan Markle 'cried the first time she saw her wedding dress'

No, no-one is injecting anything into babies.

Have you heard of ‘baby’ botox? Like many cosmetic procedure trends, it’s driven by celebrity culture and definitely won’t be for everyone.

Baby botox just means a smaller dose of botox, the drug that’s commonly injected into people’s skin to lessen the visibility of wrinkles.

According to the experts, it’s a trend among people trying to avoid that shiny, stiff look that you might associate with injectables.

“Instead of using 25 units in an area, you may use 10 units,” Melissa Doft, a New York City plastic surgeon told Allure.

“I have many patients who ask for half the normal dose, as they do not want to look frozen but are tired of wrinkles in photos.”

Those who try it tend to go longer between refills too to make the skin on their faces more moveable.

It’s a step back from the more extreme ‘filler’ look that we seen so much of in recent years.

Celebrities like Meghan Markle are being credited with popularising baby botox, thanks to their preference for natural beauty looks.

“2018 will definitely see a more natural lip that aligns with the other features of the face without dominating the face,” Dr Nick Milosevic of London’s Milo Clinic told Marie Claire.

“We have Meghan Markle to thank for that, with her beautifully natural yet full lips.”

Part of the reason baby botox is becoming more popular is because it’s seen as preventative.

It’s claimed that small doses of botox can manipulate how your facial muscles move.

“My goal is to watch how you animate and how your face is aging and redirect it,” Doft added.

It’s best for more delicate areas like ether side of the eyes, frown lines and shallow wrinkles, according to London’s Viva Skin Clinics.

With people as young as in their twenties turning to cosmetic procedures, this could be the latest treatment we see our own influencers and celebs in Ireland trying out.

Disclaimer: We’d like to note that there’s not a damn thing wrong with wrinkles and fine lines, or with getting extreme botox. You do you.