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07th Feb 2014

Weather Beaten Bodies Can Get Well and Stay Well with Expert Advice from LloydsPharmacy

Experts advice from LloydsPharmacy.

What about that weather?! From Donegal to Dingle, we’ve all fallen victim to the torrential rains and blustery storms that have dominated Ireland’s weather reports so far in 2014. With hair in our mouths, puddles in our shoes and colds in our chests and heads, defences are at an all time low. To help get weather beaten bodies back in action, LloydsPharmacy are running loads of special offers this month to combat damaging effects on our skin, hair and immune systems.

The skin is our largest organ and first line of defence against the brutal weather conditions we are currently facing. New to LloydsPharmacy, and currently with 33% off, is the NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Range, which contains day, night and eye cream and a concentrated skin refining serum. The range is packed with cell-active ingredients including short chain Hyaluronic Acid which aids the skin’s ability to bind water and retain moisture, Magnolia Extract which increases cells’ resilience to oxidative stress and Creatine which is vitally important in supporting cell structure. Prices from €10.71.

NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Range

In bad weather, skin loses its ability to retain moisture and as a result, the natural barrier than protects our internal environment is weakened. The Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is a comforting treat for tired skin that absorbs quickly and replenishes moisture. Pick it up this month in your local LloydsPharmacy for €37.50 and also receive a Clarins Soothing Body Scrub and Hand and Nail Treatment free.

Clarins Moisture Rich Value Pack

Not only can grey skies affect our appearance, they can affect our energy, temperament and weaken our immune system. Carry some sunshine in your pocket in the form of D Lux Daily Oral Vitamin D3 Spray, €9.95 at LloydsPharmacy. This miniature spray delivers a 400iu dose of the ‘sunshine vitamin’, Vitamin D, in just one spray under the tongue and aids bone, joint and teeth health whilst supporting the immune system and helping to ward off infection. Give your body much-needed energy and stamina boost with Lanes Co-Q-10 Gold Capsules which contain co-enzyme Q10 and powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E to protect the body and support healthy vascular and cognitive function. Currently 33% off in LloydsPharmacy at €12.72

Lanes Co-Q-10 Gold Caps

LloydsPharmacy has over 75 stores nationwide and an online shopping and delivery service ensuring that wherever you are braving the storms, LloydsPharmacy are at hand to help you get well, feel well and stay well. LloydsPharmacy, Ireland’s biggest pharmacy group, are always available to offer expertise on health issues, pain management, skin care and beauty. For more please