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23rd Jan 2014

Video: “You Have The Power To Change” – Dove’s Brilliant Campaign Redefines The ‘Selfie’

This is worth the watch.

Filmmaker Cynthia Wade and producer Sharon Liese worked with a group of high-school students to document how they redefine the ‘selfie’ concept, in a new campaign from Dove.

“I do have a really round face”, “I hate my rosy cheeks”, “I hate my braces” and “I look like a boy” are just some of the insecurities voiced by the teenagers in this video.

The girls were encouraged to talk to their mothers about selfies, they then attended a workshop and the results of that are pretty amazing.

“I think beauty is being strong and being brave and being happy with yourself and I think that’s really beautiful…” were the wise words voiced by one teen.