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16th Jan 2018

Urban Decay’s newest collaboration is what makeup dreams were made of

Bright, bold and shimmery - what more could you want?

Keeley Ryan

Urban Decay’s been on fire with some of their latest launches.

From their Drop Shot, a mix-in facial oil, to the bold Distortion Palette, there’s been no shortage of items we’ve been dreaming of adding to our makeup bags.

But their latest collection, a collaboration with beauty entrepreneur Kristen Leanne, has definitely caught our attention.

The line includes a number of products perfect for people who want to experiment and go for a bold look, while also including some beautiful items for people who prefer something a little more neutral.

First up is the Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette, which has 11 bright, bold and brand new shades – including a single-pan with duo-chrome hues, which will act as a transformer for the other colours.

And the packaging on the palette is equally as stunning, with a neon pink sleeve and a marbled pink-purple casing.

Next up in the collection is the Daydream Eyeshadow Palette, which is giving us some serious Alice in Wonderland vibes.

The five neutral shades can serve as the perfect base for a vibrant look (how amazing would they look with those in the Kaleidoscope Palette?), or even more of a day-to-day look.

But they didn’t stop at just eyeshadows: the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam Highlight Palette may just be our favourite out of the bunch.

The three new highlighter shades can be worn on their own, or combined together for your own custom shimmer.

Also included in the colourful collection is three new shades of Vice Lipstick: Cloud 9, Spellbound and Bun Bun.

Each of the limited-edition lipsticks comes in a bold pink-and-silver bullet casing.

While the collection first launched in North America late last year, it hasn’t arrived in Ireland just yet (but it will be, soon!)

The range will hit Irish stores in February. And while we don’t have a date for it just yet, we promise to keep you posted.