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24th Jul 2012

U.S. Nail Art Fans are Splashing Out Limited Edition Polish for $70 a Bottle

OPI's Black Spotted Nail Polish is being sold for extortionate prices on Ebay to U.S. customers desperate to get their hands on them.


OPI’s Black Spotted Polish is the latest craze to take over the nail art world.

The polish creates a marbled appearance on the nail using unique colour tones and has become a hit with nail art lovers.

The polish is only sold in France but U.S. nail lovers are forking out up to $70 on eBay to secure a 0.5oz bottle of polish in the post.

The popular polish was released through Sephora in France and is part of a limited edition Spiderman collection but the range is not available outside of the country.

The shatter nail has been a popular look in the world of nail fashion as of late and a Spiderman collection was released in the US of this variety earlier this year for a retail price of $8.50 per bottle. could never justify paying $30 for a bottle of polish let alone $70 and frankly we think this look is a bit to Halloween for our liking. Would you buy this limited edition Spiderman polish?