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21st Feb 2014

Tips From The Experts: How To Exfoliate For Fresh And Radiant Skin

Something we all know is good for our skin but never do it...

Exfoliation is something we all know is crucial for healthy skin but the majority of us fail do actually to it.

For the second of our new beauty and skincare feature we’ll be asking the industry experts for advice on the importance of exfoliating, the best products, and how it benefits the skin.

Therapist and MUA Chimene O’Reilly from COR Artistry is with us again this week to tell us her top tips on the matter.


1. Why Should You Exfoliate? 

“As we age the process of cell turnover slows down,” Chimene explains.

“Cells begin to pile up unevenly on the skins surface, giving it a dry, rough and dull appearance.”


2. What Are The Benefits? 

Exfoliation is beneficial because it removes older cells to reveal fresher, younger skin cells below.

“With the skin generating new skin cells at the lower layer, sending them to the surface, as they rise they gradually die and become filled with keratin.

“Keratinised skin cells are important because they protect the skin during the creation of new cells.”

This is then when exfoliating comes in.


3. What Exfoliant Should You Use? 

Exfoliants can come in different forms; a fine powder, grit, gel, or glycolyic acids. It is vital process in every facial, microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatment.

Every skin type is different.

Chimene suggests starting off with a mild exfoliant, stressing the importance at “using only products designed for the face, as those for marketed for the body can be too abrasive”.


4. How To.

A monthly facial comes highly recommended, however not everyone has the luxury of booking in for a treatment that often.

Treat yourself at home…

  • Select a product that you are happy with and suits your skin.
  • Apply the exfoliant using your finger tips.
  • Move the product in gentle circular motions, making sure to work it into the skin.
  • Remove with warm cloth or some dampened cotton wool.


5. Don’t Over Do It. 

Over exfoliating can cause the skin to dry out.

Drying out the skin can lead to bursted blood vessels and wrinkles.  If happens can lead to the skin looking permanently blushed.

Note: Never exfoliate the skin around the eye area as it is so thin and sensitive, and can be easily damaged.


6. Other Reasons To Exfoliate 

One major plus for regular exfoliation is longer lasting make up. Skin preparation is vital for make up to sit better and last longer. As a make up artist, Chimene understands and treats the skin like a canvas.

“One of the main complaints I hear from clients is that their make up wears off too quickly, and one of the main reasons for this is lack of exfoliation, and the excessive use of a moisturising cream to balance out dry skin before make up application.”

Good news for those who have purchased a serum recently.  Exfoliating helps serums to penetrate the skin easier, making sure that you get your money’s worth from this latest beauty must-have.


Chimene’s favourite products:

In the salon Chimene uses two product ranges, Beauty Lab and her own COR Artistry range.

photo (3)COR ART

Top buys include Beauty Lab’s Micropolish Face Rejuvenator and the COR Artistry mint exfoliating facial polish.

0_0_0_0_250_156_csupload_61734166_large’s favourite multipurpose product goes to Waxperts  Ingrown Hair Pads. Retailing around the €8 mark, these pads not only prevent the problem of ingrowing hair but also reduce any lumps or bumps in the skin. Tough enough to achieve results, gentle enough for daily use.


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