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25th Nov 2016

This model is sharing the harsh truth behind glamorous photo shoots

This is eye-opening.

We are all very aware of the pressures of the modelling industry.

Modelling and all the goes with it is obviously an amazing job for some people, supermodels and Victoria’s Secret angels flaunt their lives to the point where we may be envious of it.

And while some people are truly enjoying what they are doing, it is important to know that a lot goes on behind the camera.

The weight, appearance, diet, self-promotion and others pressure can seriously damage the physical and mental health of those involved.

Even outside of the modelling industry the pressure young women are faced with is often worsened due to misleading social media images which have been heavily edited.

One model is using her status to highlight just this, with an Instagram hashtag thetruthbehindthisshot.

Jazz Egger is putting additional captions on her Instagram images in brackets which powerfully break down any false illusions people may have.

”photoshop lvl 7000 / sorry@robertsakowski for destroying your wonderful work xx (#truthbehindthisshotmy agency told me on that day that my hips were way too wide and that I needed to lose weight in order to have a chance at London Fashion Week. I already was underweight so I decided to not lose any weight. I still got confirmed for LFW.)” She added to the image above. 


”OCT. 24 2016//you call the shots babe//I just wanna be yours #vhs(#truthbehindthisshot this took me like 15min to take and I was close to falling off my bed bc I had to make my legs look slim)” Was the caption added to this picture.

”Tried dutch braiding for the first time. I guess you can tell lol #riot#dutchbraid (#truthbehindthisshot my teeth were edited bc they’re usually uneven and I felt like it’s distracting)”

”Thanks for having me ❤️#LondonFashionWeek #LFWSS17#fashionscout #runlabel #namedmodels(#truthbehindthisshot I didn’t sleep much the night before bc fashionweek is pure madness. + I didn’t eat/drink salt, sugar, fat and alcohol for months to prevent my skin from breaking out. Didn’t work. Makeup artists covered it up.)”

People on Instagram have been inspired by the movement adding their own new, more honest captions to their images.

Warning: longest caption I'll ever write coming up. • I came across an article about a girl posting the truth behind her shots on Instagram and it inspired me to do at least one for now, in hopes that I will feel much better after doing so. • #Truthbehindthisshot: I didn't want to post this because I felt the outfit/pants made me look "big" or "fat". I did my best to angle my arm when I was posing, so it will look slim. • See, for those who don't know me as well as my very few close friends & loved ones, I actually have a fairly low self-esteem (most of the time). This could be shocking to those of you who look over at my profile and see selfies (even tho I post them once in 1-3 weeks mostly but wtv) and think I'm vain, when in reality, I'm not. I had very terrible eating habits when I was a teen. I'd purposely not finish my meals in hopes I'll get thinner (thanks social media & your unrealistic beauty standards). When I was 18, I had a really terrible few months (I'm not sure if it was depression, I didn't get clinically diagnosed) but I was at my lowest and lost A LOT of weight. I don't think my family realised. But I got a lot of compliments from ppl around me. "You lost so much weight! You're so thin! You look so good!" At 19, I told myself I didn't want to worry about my appearance cause I KNOW that it's not the most important thing in the world. Compared to years ago, I've gotten A LOT better in terms of my eating habits. There are days where I feel confident, and those are the best days. I hope one day I will finally be happy with myself and have zero worries on stepping on the weighing scale. Till then, I'll work even harder to find that happiness and I hope those who are seeking happiness within themselves will get there too. ☺️

A photo posted by Julz Johan ☾ (@julzjohan) on

#Truthbehindthisshot: I didn’t want to post this because I felt the outfit/pants made me look “big” or “fat”. I did my best to angle my arm when I was posing, so it will look slim.” This user said.

If you take anything away from this hashtag and the message it’s not to believe everything online, not to envy images of women you wished you looked like, because they may not even look that way. Don’t let social media affect the way you feel about yourself.