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05th Nov 2016

The foundation hack you’ll be raging you never thought of

We love a good bargain.

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Any tip that saves us a few euros is sure to come in handy and this liquid foundation hack is a must for all beauty buffs, or anyone who’s budgeting really.

Liquid foundation usually comes in glass bottles and once the pump stops working, the remaining product usually goes to waste.

After browsing Reddit, we spotted a foundation hack that gets you value for money and it is pretty smart.


As regular coffee and tea drinkers will know, you usually get a thin wooden/plastic stirrer to stir your beverage, which acts as a spoon.

Turns out they are VERY handy for getting the last of your foundation out of the bottle.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few of them floating around your handbag and now I can justify the mess.

This particularly applies if your go-to foundation is expensive and in that case, this hack should prove helpful.

Either way, it’s another excuse for a coffee run.