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13th Sep 2016

This latest beauty trend on Instagram is fairly weird

Who even thought of this?

Laura Holland

Who even thought of this?

The latest beauty trend to hit Instagram is one of the strangest we’ve seen. Not because it’s drastic or anything but because it’s surprising that it’s taken off.

It’s called the “bun drop” and sees girls releasing their hair from their buns and shaking their heads.

We’ve seen it before in movies and it’s usually in slow motion.

I guarantee if we tried this it would look ridiculous. That hasn’t stopped some girls from taking part and now it’s taking Instagram by storm.

Some have chosen to slow down their videos and others have kept them normal speed.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you do your bun drop with a variety of backdrops being chosen by the girls. The only thing this trend does require is long hair.

Introducing the bun drop trend:

@czeku #bundrop #sexyhair #gorgeoushair #silkyhair #shinyhair

A video posted by Sexyhair | Indonesia ✨ (@rambutseksi) on

because i have seen a lot of #bundrop videos lately. 😀 #lhn #langhaarnetzwerk

A video posted by Raphaela (@noreia666) on