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19th Jun 2019

This is the absolute golden rule of tweezing your eyebrows

golden rule

Only one golden rule.

The eyebrow craze shows no sign of slowing down (braided brows anyone) and while you might have a specific go-to brow gal, tweezing in between appointments is often necessary.

However, you can’t just take the tweezer to your brows and hope for the best, this often ends in disaster particularly if you’re inclined to keep plucking even when you know it’s a bad idea.

First of all, always tweeze after a shower because warm water will open the hair follicles, allowing hairs to be removed easily and without (much) pain.

Suman Jalaf is the lady in the know when it comes to brows, she has a key tip for tweezing and it’s all down to one specific thing, direction.

Chatting with Byrdie, she advised:

“Pull the hair out in the direction of growth; the hair should slide out of the follicle”.

Sometimes you’ll find there’s a particularly aggressive hair that does not want to budge but as tempting it is, do not pull the hair.

 “Don’t tug the hair, as this can lead to ingrown hairs”.

Lastly, and this is a tip we’ve gleaned previously, check the lighting before you pluck. Dimmed lights are best because if it’s too bright, you’ll see every single hair and before you know it, you’ve gone way overboard and lost any shape you previously had.