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29th Jun 2017

This Irish blogger is now half-way through her fab makeup challenge

The Simply Lippy challenge is well and truly underway.

Louise Carroll

Plenty of us are fond of a bit of slap – whether it’s to accentuate our natural beauty, conceal our teeny flaws (that only we really care about) or use it as an art form to express ourselves.

Earlier on in the year we learned that on average we spend nearly €21,000 on makeup alone during our lifetime, so indeed, it is evident we care greatly about our looks and the products we use. But don’t you just loathe those moments when you try a new product which you had super high hopes for and it turns out to be extremely disappointing?

There have been moments when tears have flowed due to pure desperation and tiredness from moments like these (OK it probably wasn’t just the makeup) and instances where our rage is at an all time high due to the fact we’ve been duped into buying absolute crap. We work hard for the money ladies – we can’t be wasting it now.

Well one blogger was clearly aware of our plight, so much so that she took it upon herself to try out hundreds of lipsticks and share her thoughts of them with us on her blog. A contemporary saint in our midst perhaps?

Irish blogger, Sorcha McIvor, who’s blog is named Simply Sorcha, has taken to what she calls her Simply Lippy initiative. She has put herself forward as the human test subject so as we, the people, can reap the benefits of her wisdom. Each day of the year, Sorcha will try a different lipstick where she will subsequently go to her blog and write a short piece on her views of the product, along with plenty of pictures displaying the much desired evidence.

Speaking to us here at Her, Sorcha who’s relatively new to the world of blogging said,

“My blog is primarily focused on makeup, because that’s where my real love lies, and of all the makeup that exists, lipstick has always been my favourite product, so I knew that was a good place to start. I initially thought about doing a 100 day challenge but felt it wouldn’t get the impact I wanted, so it was a ‘go big or go home’ moment for me and so I decided on a full year.”

“No matter what I write about, the most important thing for me is giving my readers honest posts. Some lippies I’ve tried really havn’t been good and I’ve said that, but equally, when I love them, I really love them and I say that too.”

How gruelling it must be, but Sorcha is currently on day 179 and oh boy, does she deserve an applause. All this prepping, priming, lathering and cleansing each and every day would have taken its toll on all of us by now.

“In terms of the challenge itself, I can’t believe I’m almost half way through! Today is day 179, and I somehow have managed to wear a different lip product every day this year so far. I have it down to a fine art at this stage and it really has become a part of my daily routine.”

So basically she hasn’t had a lazy day in 179 days! We know what it feels like to not be bothered putting on our makeup, or worse – having the hangover where we simply can’t and we remain on the couch for the day – but not Sorcha. She has taken the major plunge for us all.

We’ve put together some of the lippies she has rated so far so you can start your next shopping spree with a clear idea of what may suit your needs best. Be sure to have a peek at her blog too and other posts following the tags #simplylippy and #365days365shades .