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05th Jul 2016

The tiny (and cheap) change that will make your eyeshadow last SO much longer

Ideal for this ridiculously humid weather.

Cathy Donohue

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror halfway through a night out to see that your eyeshadow has literally melted off, then this hack is for you.

So it may not be a top priority on a night out because you’re having far too much craic to care but it’s super annoying if you have an important all-day event, a wedding or graduation for example, and your makeup just isn’t behaving.

However, this super simple, ridiculously easy, cheap as chips tip is going to change all that.

Spotted on Byrdie, all you have to do is use a white eyeshadow, a stick formula is best, under your eyeshadow and not only will this help your makeup last, it acts as a base which helps your eyeshadow to properly pop.

If pigment is a problem and you’re just not getting the colour payoff you want, despite how much time and effort you put into application, then this hack is going to come in very handy.

The below look might actually be achievable now. GOALS.

giphy (1)
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A stick formula is best as it applies better for this look, as opposed to a powder eyeshadow, but if that’s all you have, it’s better than nothing.

Another eyeshadow tip that I’m obsessing over of late is using darker shades to enhance your eyes.

In conversation with Allure, makeup artist Mary Phillips, who has worked with Shay Phillips of Pretty Little Liars among other famous faces, recommends using darker shades for bigger eyes.

If your eyes are smaller, she recommends using lighter shades as these will “soften and highlight”.

Use darker shades sparingly as going overboard only serves to “diminish and shrink” the eyes. Not ideal at all.

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