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08th Dec 2018

The panic moment when 60k Carter Beauty Cosmetics bottles arrived ALL WRONG

Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics.

Can you imagine that sinking feeling?

In episode 5 of our #BehindTheBrand six-part docu-series — Meltdowns: It’s Not All Smooth Sailing — Marissa Carter reveals just what went on behind the scenes of bringing her next big venture to fruition.

“Just a couple of weeks before we were due to launch we had 60,000 bottles of foundation arrive in where the shrink wrap had been put on too early, so when we started taking the shrink wrap off, all of the text was coming off with the shrink wrap.

“I had to lie down on the carpet for about 10 minutes before I could even think about how to handle that problem.

“We immediately got on to our manufacturer and told him about the problem and he said look, listen, ‘I will fix this,’ and he arranged for a replacement 60,000 bottles to arrive in weeks later but it just meant we had to put our launch plans on hold and we had to delay it for another little while which was very, very stressful.”

Just a few days before, Marissa had had one epic meltdown, alone in her car, where she had cried for about an hour.

“I think what happened was just the weight and the sheer size of what we were trying to do – it just hit me we were launching a brand-new brand, that there was so much risk involved…”

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Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics.