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24th Oct 2016

The one thing curly-haired girls NEED to take note of


Cathy Donohue

Who knew?!

If you’ve ever washed your hair, only to dry it and find it’s even greasier than before, this will be of interest.

Although product build-up is often the cause of hair that won’t wash properly, there’s another thing curly-haired ladies need to be aware of.

Even if you religiously use shampoo aimed at caring for curly hair, it’s often not the best idea, especially if the product contains ‘sulfates’.

For anyone not familiar with the term, sulfates are cleansing detergents that spell bad news for curly hair.

Chatting to Stylecaster, senior hair stylist Jill Engelsen explains why sulfates should be avoided, if your locks are of the bouncy, wavy variety.

“Sodium lauryl sulfate is the foaming cleanser found in soaps, body washes, and shampoos that’s generally too harsh for curls, making them dry, frizzy, and straw-like”.

However, and this is where it gets really complicated, shampooing in general, is bad for curly hair.

The reason being that shampooing tends to dehydrate hair with texture and when you work up a lather, you’re essentially damaging the curl.

Obviously, you still need to clean your hair and instead of a shampoo, curly-haired gals need to keep an eye out for a cleansing conditioner.

JOICO Co+ Wash

They’re designed to cleanse without stripping the hair, so your hair will be clean but still hydrated.


You’re probably wondering if you still need to use a conditioner as normal and the answer is yes.

the cleansing conditioner is in place of shampoo while your regular conditioner is there for extra moisture, particularly important if your hair is thick and unruly.

Pureology Hydrate Cleansing Conditioner