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16th Nov 2016

The key to fixing the dreaded ‘foundation flake’ that ALWAYS happens in winter

Because winter skin is a thing.


There’s nothing worse than forking out for a new bottle of MAC Studio Sculpt/ Chanel Vitalumiere/ Stila Stay All Day and then having it stick to your face in patches, drying into your pores just beautifully.

It’s the look we’re all striving for really…NOT.

Winter is the worst time for this foundation fail as your skin is super dry and no matter what you try, your make up will literally not stay on your face.

By 11am, it’s all started to flake off and when that happens, there’s very little thing you can do to fix the situation.

However, praise the beauty Gods because one expert has a top tip which might be the answer to this particular make-up woe.

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Celebrity make-up artist Marina Gravani chatted to Allure and said that applying moisturiser before your shower is key.

According to Marina, (who just so happens to work with songstress Mariah Carey):

“The steam in the shower will help to plunge that moisturizer into the skin”.

Now, to be fair, this is one of the stranger beauty hacks we’ve heard but if it banishes those annoying flakes, I’m totally on board.