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16th Mar 2015

The Dress Part II: Believe It Or Not This Is The Same Image…

Mind blown.

After the great dress debate, it’s safe to say we’re all starting to second guess ourselves when it comes to the colours of some of our internet images.

So you might find it hard to believe these are actually the same image of lips and nails… but your eyes deceive you depending on the colour of your background.

So how does it all work?

Thanks to Photoshop, the image will appear differently to your eyes depending on the background the snap is viewed against.

According to i100, the image works perfectly on Twitter thanks to the way pictures have different backgrounds depending on how you choose to display them.

Explaining the photoshop trick, the colours of the lips and nails will change depending on whether you view them within your timeline (white) or when the image is viewed separately (black). The effect also works in different browsers.

So how does it work?

The nails and lips are actually virtually transparent, with some red pixels, meaning the colour of the background determines what you see.

photoshop nails

Mind blown.