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11th Oct 2013

Tell Us More:  A New Pill That Prevents Grey Hair

This could be the greatest beauty invention yet...

A natural supplement by the name of Go Away Grey claims to contain an ingredient that can stop grey hair making an early appearance.

The vital ingredient is an enzyme called Catalase that counteracts our body’s natural production of hydrogen peroxide. Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide which bleaches our hair from the inside out.

We also produce Catalase which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide. If there is not enough Catalase produced, the hydrogen peroxide cannot be broken down. 

This means our hair is bleached from the inside out, turning it grey.

Go Away Gray Capsules can stave off grey hair

Go Away Gray Capsules put the Catalase back into our bodies, so it can break down the peroxide. This then stops the greying process and allows your natural hair colour to come back at the root.

Instructions are to take two tablets a day but it may be eight weeks before you start to see results.

The effects are permanent so if you want to opt for grey at some stage, hold off on purchasing.

Best of all, the pills are made of totally natural ingredients. They are priced at £24.14 (€29.90) for 60 pills and they can be bought online at Amazon.