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30th Jun 2018

Take a look at the biggest haircut of summer 2018 because it is FAB

summer 2018

Summer is the perfect time for a hair change.

Personally, my hair is driving me bananas because it’s extremely thick and unruly at the best of times so when the humidity kicks in, it’s a nightmare altogether.

I’m currently in search of a style that will stop me from melting because it really isn’t the best look but just as importantly, one that’s easy to maintain.

And if you’re sick of your current locks too and feel like you want something a little different, you might be interested to hear what some of London’s top stylists have to say.

In conversation with Byrdie, Gorka Arraras gave a shout out to the bob as one of the biggest styles of the summer.

Not the short, short bob that you remember for all the wrong reasons from your school photos but rather a razored style, think Hailey Baldwin’s recent look.

However, if the hot weather isn’t enough to make you want to cut all your hair off (dramatic much) and you don’t want to lose your long locks just yet, there’s another style that will work for you.

Mimi Koné is the founder of the London-based salon, Mimi et Mina and here’s her prediction for the biggest hairstyle this year.

“Long hair with layers for summer is fun, as you can play around with different styles for summer events like weddings and festivals. Amal Clooney at the royal wedding is a perfect example.”

This is perfect if you want a change but don’t want anything too dramatic with the bonus point being that the fact that layers help to break up heavy hair. Good news if you have a very thick mane (it can’t be just me).