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31st Dec 2016

The surprising champagne beauty treatment you can do at home

Megan Roantree

For all the leftover champagne you definitely have…

Champagne is a delightful drink but often only consumed around the festive season and the odd big birthday.

This is hardly right considering the numerous benefits bubbly actually has. Early we told you about how it can be great for boosting positivity, and other reports say it is good for memory function, good for your heart and can prevent dementia.

It turns out you can do a lot more with Champagne than just drink it.

Some beauty experts swear it can give you beautiful hair.

Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi Salon told The Beauty Bean that champagne makes for an excellent hair treatment.

He states that it can help you achieve smooth and silky hair and adds that it works especially well on lighter hair such as blond.

The DIY treatment is simple to make. All you do is mix half a cup of champagne with half a cup of hot water and mix it all together.

You then distribute the mix evenly throughout your hair with a comb. Let it sit in your hair your a short time them rinse it out thoroughly.

We haven’t tried it yet but we if we have any champagne left tomorrow (which we definitely will…) we’ll give it a go and report back.