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30th Apr 2014

Suffer From Nail Nightmares? Mavala Has The Solution


We’ve had it with soft nails, sick of strongly ridged nails, tired of overgrown cuticles and don’t even get us started on the horrible habit of biting our nails.

Fret no more ladies, for the nail nightmare is over thanks to the lovely folk at Mavala.

Mavala nail care has a solution to all your problems with four key products to tackle annoyances.

1. Start off by caring for those damaged cuticles that give a neglected appearance to nails. Mavalas Cuticle Cream softens the skin around the nail enabling it to be rolled gently back and provides a well-groomed contour to the nails.



How to use: Apply around the nail heart, particularly at the base. Massage cuticles with a firm rotating motion towards the hands and allow the cream to penetrate. Best when used daily, at bedtime, to allow the product to act during the night.

Once a week or when doing your manicure, push back cuticles with a manicure stick wrapped in cotton. Remove traces of Cuticle Cream on nails before continuing with manicure, to allow base coat and nail polish to adhere.


2. The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part and breaks easily. This is therefore the part of the nail to be strengthened. By instantly penetrating and quickly hardening the nail Mavala Scientifique allows soft, flaking or splitting nails to become healthy and strong. Its formula hardens the nail plate so that the nail can restore its normal growth.


How to use:
Remove polish or any oily film and clean nails thoroughly. Brush on to the free edge of the nails. Leave on for one minute to set. Apply twice a week at the most until your nails have become heatlhy and strong, then two to three times per month if necessary.


3. Nail biting is a nervous habit, which can rapidly become uncontrollable. Mavala Stop has a bitter yet harmless taste and the appearance of clear enamel. It helps to break the nail biting habit and thumb sucking. Works for children (more than 3 years old) and adults.


How to use:
Apply a coat over the entire nail (or polish) and allow to dry. Repeat the application every two days. Continue the treatment until nail biting has ended.


4. Mava-flex is a well-balanced concentrate serum which restores and maintains flexibility of very dry, very hard nails. It penetrates, moisturises and strengthens nails resulting in healthy, flexible, shiny and soft nails that do not break.



How to use:
Brush onto the entire nail surface, after having removed any trace of nail polish. Massage in, leave to penetrate. If you continue with your manicure, make sure you first remove any excess product with tissue.

To be used twice a week on bare nails, ideally before going to bed, to allow this serum to act during the night.


Nailed It. After all that you’re ready to paint the town red any colour that you like, with Mavala’s extensive range of beautiful nail varnish colours. Here are three of our favourite shades at the moment.

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