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03rd Sep 2012

Spruce Up Your College Make Up Bag This September and Reinvent Your Look

September rolled around quicker than we expected and it’s the perfect time to rid your make up bag of clutter and incorporate products that will have you bang on trend for autumn.

A cluttered make-up bag is a nightmare, especially when it’s full of products you never use. 

It seems the reason the shops hosted summer make up sales is so rouge pink eye shadows and blood red nail polish can harbour dust in our jam packed make up bags. It’s September and with it comes an array of autumn/winter trends we desperately hope to pull of. Here’s our advice when it comes to dumping the junk and replacing it with the necessaries for your new college semester.

What Do You Actually Use?

We all have a few make up staples that will always have a place in our make up bags but it is inevitable to end up with products that we rarely use. Before you begin de-cluttering, make a promise to yourself that you actually will throw out products and instruments that you don’t need.

Set out a clean towel onto your kitchen table and place all of your products onto it. Organise your products into three piles: ones that you always use, you occasionally use and the ones that never see the light of day.

This will help you decide what pieces are worth keeping and which ones deserve the bin.

Make-up bags and drawers can be full of unnecessary clutter 

Have a Clean Environment for your Make-up

Make-up bags can harbour germs and it is easy for them to become quite grubby. If you have a material make-up bag, make an effort to run it through the washing machine every once in a while. Alternatively Penneys always stock colourful, good quality plastic make up bags that will last you a few months.

What do you Need For College?

A simple make up routine is desirable when you’re rushing into campus or are feeling the pain of last night. Dark shadows beneath your eyes are the usual suspects so make sure you have a good quality concealer to disguise them as you dash into a 9am lecture. Waterproof mascara will keep your eyes dry as you’re rushing into campus in the rain and lip balm will add a desirable shine and keep your lips hydrated in the autumn wind. Nobody in your class expects you to look perfect all of the time and keeping it simple will save you time.

Soap and Glory’s Kick Ass Concealer retails at €14.23

Is Your Make Up On Trend?

This season is all about accentuating your natural beauty and showcasing your clear skin and eyes. Take a break from heavy foundation and pump up your skin routine, focus on creating a natural matt finish and highlighting your cheekbones and eyebrow arch. Clear your make up drawer of dark bronzes and spray on tans and focus on getting the best out of your skin. Bold brows and smokey eyes are also desirable this autumn.


The nude shadows in Urban Decays Naked 2 palette (€40) will help you keep on trend this autumn

Day to Night

When you’re in college a few drinks can easily turn into a nighttime gathering and it is nice to have a well-stocked make up bag to add the glamour. Eyeliner and long-lasting lip colour are a great way to simply transform your look from day to night so that you need not run home when you’re having a good time. College is all about being spontaneous so make sure you have the tools in your make up bag to aid random adventures and to save yourself time and hassle. 

Liquid Lip Tint is new from Catrice for autumn and is the perfect addition to your make-up bag this season