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04th Jul 2012

Show of Hands – Are You Guilty Of Going Unprotected In The Sun?

Do you know your sun protection like the back of your hands? It might be time to think again, as a recent survey shows that the hard-working hands of Irish women are being neglected in the sun.

Hands up, who’s guilty of going out in the sun with their hands unprotected?

A recent survey has found that while most of us (93% of Irish women surveyed) worry about sun damage to their face, less than a third of women worry about sun damage to their hands. This, despite the fact that hands are often the most exposed part of a woman’s body.

Another worrying finding was that many women believe age spots simply to be a natural part of aging, when in fact they can be accelerated by sun damage to the hands. Only 2% of women surveyed claimed to always protect their hands with an SPF.

Though we’re quite sun-aware in general, it seems that the hardworking hands of Irish women get the raw end of the deal. One easy way to take care of your hands is to opt for a daily hand cream that protects as well as moisturises, like Vaseline Healthy Hands & UV Protection with SPF 15.