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24th Nov 2012

She’s A Natural – Ronnies, Hairy Legs And Other Beauty Taboos

No matter how long you’ve been with someone there are some beauty regimes that women will always keep to themselves

According to a new report conducted by Opinion Research for Clairol Nice n’ Easy, over half of women keep a beauty secret hidden from their other halves including waxing a moustache, fixing a fake tan disaster and dyeing their grey routes.

The study of 2000 women found that the biggest no-no for women is unwanted hair – over 40 per cent of females don’t want their other half finding out that they wax their moustache while 35 per cent of women said that they didn’t want their partner to see their underarm hair.

Fuzz-free pins are a beauty must for most women

Hairy legs also make the list with 23 per cent of women admitting that they would hide or cover up stubble.       

Other grooming faux-pas include grey roots, streaky fake tan, unruly eyebrows, unpainted nails and not wearing make-up and also uncovered that the average woman spends approximately 18 minutes per day beautifying herself but more than 40 minutes when getting ready for a night out.

But if you feel that sometimes you’re fighting a losing battle and that your other half doesn’t even notice your efforts fear not! Over 90 per cent of men surveyed described their partners as ‘naturally beautiful’ and felt that beauty came naturally. Result!