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09th Dec 2018

Rihanna hires lookalike models for the most EXTRA reason and we kinda love it

That's dedication.

If you can… you might as well.

We’ve heard of Kim Kardashian hiring body doubles to wear her outfits before she and tbh, we thought that was pretty extra but, Rihanna latest revelation knocks Kim’s straight out of the water.


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Revealing in an interview with ET over the weekend, celebrity eyebrow artist Damone Roberts admitted that  Rihanna hires lookalike models simply for testing out new eyebrow shapes before she commits to a different style herself. Yep, eyebrow shapes.

From the arch to the shape to the tint, RiRi isn’t going to chance messing up her signature look with a dodgy brow job and so, she actually has a team of doubles which she experiments on… fascinating.

“We first met for the Met Gala and she wanted to lighten her eyebrows. Rihanna’s so fly that she has a lookalike model come by your space and you try out different looks on the eyebrows of the model and you send pictures to Rihanna and she decides whether she wants to do it or not,” reveals Roberts.


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Roberts continued to explain that once Rihanna gave the brows the green light, she flew her over to NY to take care of her brows for the prestigious event.  I mean, if that isn’t serious commitment to looking on fleek, I don’t know what is.

Future goals.